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Hello! My name is Don Napier and I sing lead for Higher Ground. I was married 
to my wife, Sherri, on September 13, 1971 and we have been blessed with two 
wonderful sons both born in October (1972 and 1976). Sherri came to know the 
Lord September 22, 1974. I was with her the night she walked down the aisle and 
gave Him her heart, and I saw an immediate change in her life. I had been raised 
in a Christian home and knew I should never hinder her from going to church
and that meant taking her as often as I could. The Lord works in mysterious 
 ways doesn't he ? Exactly three months later I was seated beside her in church 
 and when the invitation was given I surrendered my life to Him. A few years later 
 He called me to preach His precious gospel and I was ordained as a minister 
in March of 1993. I am the Pastor of the New Beginning United Baptist Church 
in Huntington, WV. and currently the Assistant Pastor at Philadelphia United 
Baptist Church, located in Lavalette, WV. I am employed by a local school system 
and am a big fan of our own Marshall University Thundering Herd! I feel that 
God has blessed me more than anyone else on earth. No, my life is not perfect, 
and I have had my share of storms, but there is someone that I can go to at all 
times. Remember what the Lord told the apostle Paul in II Corinthians 12:9 when 
he asked Him to remove the thorn from his flesh, Jesus said "My grace is sufficient 
for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness". My prayer is that God will 
bless you today, and if we never see each other down here, make plans to meet me 
in heaven!
Hello to everyone, I'm Sherri Napier. I wanted to tell you a little about myself 
and my association with Higher Ground. First of all I'll tell you I have been 
married to that good-looking fellow above for 29 years and couldn't have asked 
for a better companion than the one God sent to me ! We have two sons, Don II 
and Joe and a sweet daughter-in-law Teresa who is married to Don. My children 
have always been the lights of my life. I direct one of the seven senior citizen 
centers in Wayne County, WV and am a member of the West Virginia Activity  
Professional Association.  I count it a blessing to be able to spend my days 
working with our senior population. God has blessed them with so much wisdom 
that if you never spend time with our older folks, you sure are missing out on some 
great knowledge! I also count it a blessing to be a ministers wife although it
can be difficult at times. You preacher's wives know what I'm talking about !! In 
addition to the things above I also sing the alto  part for Higher Ground. 
 I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy working for our Lord with these three 
great guys. In addition to being talented singers (and more importantly) they are
also men of integrity who work tirelessly to see one more soul make it home. 
Tony and Travis have not only been a real blessings to Higher Ground, they 
have been a blessing to Don and I personally, too . We call them our 3rd & 4th 
sons !  I feel honored to be able to say I'm a part of Higher Ground and it's labor 
for our Lord. Please keep us in your prayers - God bless you all!
Hello everyone !! I'm Tony Michael Clay and I have been singing with Higher 
Ground since November 1998. I count it a blessing and an honor to be singing 
with Don and Sherri, they have been an inspiration to me as a young Christian, 
helping in any way they possibly can. I sing the tenor  part for the group. 
I'm new to Higher Ground but not new to gospel singing, having sang 
with the Brush Creek Quartet for about 5 years and in other groups when a 
tenor was needed. I was saved nine years ago a the age of 15 at a revival that 
I feel like made history in our community. The revival lasted for over four weeks 
and about 30 souls were saved. During the third week, I surrendered my life to
the Lord and decided I was going to serve Him the remainder of my life. On 
March 27,1991 Elders Nolan Queen and George Gilkerson buried me with 
Christ in baptism and raised me to walk the new life in Christ Jesus. Every day 
keeps getting better and better because we're one day closer to Heaven and 
our Lord. I thank God that He saved my soul and for continuing to answer 
prayers and for just being there to turn to in time of need. I'm a member of 
Echo United Baptist Church  in Wayne, WVwhere I am an Ordained Deacon and 
am presently serving as the church clerk .When I'm not singing or in church 
somewhere I enjoy 4-wheeling, hunting, fishing and mountain biking; just 
about anything in the outdoors where I can look around and see God's 
handi-work. I am a full time student at Marshall University and work part time in 
one of the University's computer labs. Again, I want to say I count it an honor 
and a blessing to be singing with Higher Ground and plan to be working for the 
Lord until he calls me home to be with Him. We need your prayers that God will use 
us as a tool in His mighty hand, that we might, most of all, be an influence to 
some lost soul.
The newest member of Higher Ground is the bass singer, Travis Thompson.
Travis and his beautiful wife Sandy have just become parents of a wonderful
baby girl, Hannah Jolee Thompson, who arrived on January 8, 2001 and 
weighed in at 7 lbs 15 1/2 oz.  Travis is a supervisor at a local corrugated box 
factory and is a charter member of the New Beginning United Baptist Church 
where he is a trustee and church treasurer.  The Lord has placed a call to preach 
upon Travis and is using him in a mighty way. Travis' rich bass voice was the 
missing ingredient inHigher Grounds' harmony when they were singing as a 
trio.  Higher Ground is so thankful the Lord sent Travis their way!

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